Red Skelton Ties Johnny Carson to a Chair in Order to Guest Host His Show

Jimmy Kimmel was not the only television personality to have his show hijacked by a guest. In 1953 Johnny Carson hosted a 5:00 show on KNXT in Los Angeles. He had a running joke with Red Skelton, the biggest star on CBS at the time. When Skelton appeared Carson would not have him speak, siting that the show had run out of time. After a few weeks of this Skelton appeared on the show with Carson, who was tied to his chair and gagged.

NBC: The Johnny Carson Story, 1987

This short film was produced by NBC in 1987 as a thank you to Johnny Carson on his 25th Anniversary as the host of The Tonight Show. It is a labor of love that holds up years and years after its original airing. Enjoy!

Carson Mr. Rogers Skit with Rare Mego

Although it's hard to be totally sure, it's very likely the doll used for "mom" is Shirley from Mego's short lived and rare Laverne and Shirley line (shown started at about 3 minutes in).