Johnny Carson: David Tolley's First Performance, 1985

When Johnny's piano guest for the night cancels at the last minute, he enlists the help of the audience and finds two piano players in the crowd to fill the vacant spot.

Piano Players - David Tolley, Mary Jo Manela

I Love Lucy: Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx, Mirror Sketch 1955

Lucy is disguised as Harpo; Seeing the real Harpo enter her kitchen, she then hides behind a folding door. Harpo is perplexed when he sees what he thinks is his reflection, forcing Lucy to mimic his every move to avoid detection.

This was a tribute to Harpo and Groucho's famous mirror scene in the Marx Brothers comedy classic, Duck Soup.

Original air date May 9, 1955

Johnny Carson is Danger Johnny

Johnny Carson doing it all! From pole vaulting to flying mach-1 in a fighter jet, this is a short showing Johnny doing many different feats when he wasn't busyhosting The Tonight Show.