Jonathan Winters Montage: Part 2 of 2

This is Part 2 of a montage of Jonathan Winters' funniest work as part of a tribute to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2003 Orinda Film Festival.

Run Time: 6:06

Woody Allen: Standup Comedy, 1965

Woody was in England filming "Casino Royale" when he guested on a British TV show.

He finished his set with his "moose" routine, but had to change the punchline from "...'cause it's restricted!" - since the context of the term would have meant nothing to a British audience.

Johnny Carson: Author Joesph Wambaugh, 1973

Johnny interviews author Joesph Wambaugh.

Joesph is a bestselling American writer known for his fictional and non-fictional accounts of police work in the United States. Several of his first novels were set in Los Angeles, California, and its surroundings, and featured Los Angeles police officers as protagonists.

Joesph talks about his previous novels The New Centurions and The Blue Knight as well as his upcoming novel The Onion Field.

He also talks about his upcomming television show, Police Story.

Sammy Davis Jr's Musical Impersonations

Not only is he a brilliant singer but Sammy does marvelous impersonations of other singers to the song One For My Baby!
Sammy does the best Dino and Jerry Lewis!