Johnny Carson: George Carlin Stand Up Comedy and More, 1986

George Carlin, funny stand up comedian, appears in this full episode of Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson at 33:38. This full show includes letters from school children about Thanksgiving (11:42) and North Carolinian Barney Odom (20:24) and his tree climbing dog, Flatnose (29:10). George Carlin's hilarious comedy routine includes jokes about the food at the NBC Commissary, car accidents, funny things to think about, impressions of famous people, his bad back, and his questionable investments.

In this day before Thanksgiving show, Johnny Carson reads funny letters from elementary school kids regarding Thanksgiving (11:42):
"If you're Father Turkey, what do you say to your turkey children on the day before Thanksgiving?"
"You are a turkey, write a letter to the person who is going to eat you tomorrow."
"Write a letter to the turkey you are going to eat tomorrow."
Original airdate: 11/26/86

Vintage Commercials:
Presto HotTopper (10:16)
Sanka Coffee (10:46)
Colgate Tartar Control Toothpaste (19:18)
Asti Spumante (19:48)
Chicken Tenders from Burger King (28:09)
Nikon (28:39)
JC Penney (32:38)
Hershey's (33:08)
No Nonsense Sheer and Silky Pantyhose (40:04)
Chex Cereal (40:34)
Energizer Battery (40:49)
Polaroid Spectra System (46:58)
Sara Lee Croissants (47:28)

Johnny Carson: Tony Bennett, George Wallace, Arlene Golonka

Full episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" with singer Tony Bennett (19:03), actress Arlene Golonka (41:53), comedian George Wallace (54:10), and Bartine Zane (1:01:02). Tony Bennett sings "My Funny Valentine" (19:43), "Watch What Happens" (23:40), "Something" (34:18), and "Get Happy" (38:15). Doc Severinsen fills in for Ed McMahon and Tommy Newsom conducts the band. Bartine discusses making silent movies with Buster Keaton. Airdate November 22, 1979.

Vintage Commercials:
Oleg Cassini Fragrance (09:19)
Jovan Musk Oil (09:49)
"10" Movie (18:02)
GE Brew Starter (18:32)
Purina Meow Mix (26:32)
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Windex Window Cleaner (33:03)
Comtrex Multi-System Cold Relief (33:33)
Sears (40:53)
Pillsbury Wheat Nuts (41:23)
West Bend Slow Cooker Plus (47:57)
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Jovan Sports Scents (53:08)
Volkswagon (53:38)
Othello by Gabriel (1:00:00)
7 Eleven (1:00:30)

Johnny Carson:  Bo Derek, 1979

Full episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" with Joan Embery (12:30), Pete Fountain (26:20), Bo Derek (38:05), Charles Nelson Reilly (50:45), and Mickey Ziffren (1:01:25). Joan Embery visits with some of the smallest and cutest animals in the world, a marmoset (13:00), an elephant shrew (18:40), and a koala (21:52); Bo Derek promotes her movie "Ten", and Mickey Ziffren discusses her book "A Political Affair". Airdate November 2nd, 1979

From the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
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Commercials: This full episode includes vintage commercials from Chloraseptic Lozenges (11:30), Snow Crop Five Alive Fruit Beverage (12:00), Cup O' Noodles (17:30), Mannington Floors (18:00), Herbal Essence Shampoo (20:52). Nice 'n Easy Shampoo (21:22), Lancers Rose (36:55), Bell System Telephones (37:25), Tampax Tampons (44:47), Alpo Dog Food (45:17), Campbell's Chunky Beef Soup (49:44), Natural Wonder Big-Lash Mascara (50:14), Eveready Alkaline Battery (1:00:25), Listerine Mouthwash (1:00:55), Taster's Choice Coffee (1:08:24), and Magic Chef Microwave Oven (1:08:54).

Johnny Carson School: Bob Uecker

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film presents the 2011 Carson Lecture featuring former major league baseball player, sportscaster, comedian and actor Bob Uecker.

The event features the announcement of an additional $1 million gift for scholarships from the John W. Carson Foundation and a special performance of the Cornhusker Marching Band.

Video contains copyrighted material used by permission of Carson Entertainment Group and John W. Carson Foundation. All rights reserved.