Fred Astaire On Drums

In case you didn't know how awesome Fred Astaire was.

From the 1937 movie Damsel in Distress.

David Attenborough: Japanese Snow Monkeys Washing Potatoes

Japanese snow monkeys on Koshima learning culture by discovering and sharing the technique of washing sweet potatoes in fresh water to rinse off sand and dirt, and then salt-water, to add flavor. They also discover how to separate sand and rice clumps by throwing the mixture into water and letting the rice float to the surface.

Parts are closed-captioned due to background surf noise.

From the BBC documentary "Life on Earth: Episode 12: Life in the Trees" (1979), narrated by a younger David Attenborough.

Jonathan Winters Montage: Part 2 of 2

This is Part 2 of a montage of Jonathan Winters' funniest work as part of a tribute to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2003 Orinda Film Festival.

Run Time: 6:06

Jack Paar: Jonathan Winters, The Stick 1964

This segment from The Jack Paar Show in April of 1964 shows a great comic improviser doing what he does best: finding humor in the moment. Just given a stick... and away he goes.

Woody Allen: Standup Comedy, 1965

Woody was in England filming "Casino Royale" when he guested on a British TV show.

He finished his set with his "moose" routine, but had to change the punchline from "...'cause it's restricted!" - since the context of the term would have meant nothing to a British audience.

Dick Cavett: John Lennon Introduces Imagine, 1971

John Lennon and Yoko Ono two visit The Dick Cavett Show September 11, 1971.

The show is notable as the first American television interview John gave after the breakup of The Beatles. So comfortable were the Lennons that after the show was over they continued talking with Cavett.

John Lennon premieres the Imagine video.

RT ~60 minutes.

Sammy Davis Jr's Musical Impersonations

Not only is he a brilliant singer but Sammy does marvelous impersonations of other singers to the song One For My Baby!
Sammy does the best Dino and Jerry Lewis!

Johnny Carson: David Tolley's First Performance, 1985

When Johnny's piano guest for the night cancels at the last minute, he enlists the help of the audience and finds two piano players in the crowd to fill the vacant spot.

Piano Players - David Tolley, Mary Jo Manela