Johnny Carson: King of Late Night, American Masters PBS Documentary

Johnny Carson was seen by more people on more occasions than anyone else in American history. Over the course of 30 years, 4,531 episodes and 23,000 guests, he became a fixture of national life. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night explores his life, career, and complexities.

Dean Martin and Goldie Hawn: Dumb Is Beautiful, 1969

Dean and Goldie sing But Kaleidoscope Means... I Love You.

The Dean Martin Comedy Hour Episode 154 Dated 18 September 1969 (Season 5)

The Dean Martin Comedy Hour was shot on color videotape beginning in 1965 at Studio 4 Stage 1 inside NBC's massive color complex in Burbank, California.

Crime Story: Introduction of Dennis Farina as Mike Torello, 1986

This is a clip from the first few minutes of the classic late 80's TV show Crime Story premiere show. Major Crimes Unit (MCU) boss Lt. Mike Torello defines his character and that of all tough cops for all time with the line "Hey you. You hurt anybody else, when this is over, I'm gonna find what you love the most and I'm gonna kill it. Your mother, your father, your dog... don't matter what it is, it's dead".