Three Stooges in Color at Atlantic City, 1938

Rare color footage of the original Three Stooges at Steel Pier, Atlantic City, from 1938.

Film by George Mann of the comedy dance team, Barto and Mann. George Mann and his wife Barbara Bradford also appear in the film.

Johnny Carson as King Tut

Johnny as King Tutankhamun in a Mighty Carson Art Players sketch.

From The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Merv Griffin: Ringo Starr Interview, 1981

Former Beatle Ringo Starr chats with Merv and radio promotions guru Kal Rudman in 1981 about his latest LP "Stop And Smell The Roses." He also talks about moving back to England and the group of old pals who played on the record (including George Harrison and Paul McCartney) and the idea of touring.

From The Merv Griffin Show.