Johnny Carson: Dom DeLuise Egg Trick

Comedy segment with Johnny Carson and Dom DeLuise.

Dom DeLuise sets up an elaborate sleight of hand trick with eggs. Johnny thinks he's in on the gag when things suddenly turn into an impromptu food fight.

From The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Frank Gorshin Impressions

While he will undoubtedly be remembered for his Emmy nominated role as the Riddler in the 1960s camp classic Batman, Frank Gorshin was an incredible impressionist.

In this clip, you get to see the best of both of his worlds. First he shows us what Batman would be like if they had a different 'guest' Batman and Robin each week instead of a guest villain. He then banters with Dean a bit and sings his novelty single 'The Riddler' with some of the Golddiggers.

Aired 9/29/1966.
From the Dean Martin Show